Like the name may suggest, CAVDEF was formed around the issue of election integrity. Our underlying principle is that everyone deserves a voice in their government: the right to vote and have that vote be counted is fundamental to a just society. We began in 2016 as an organization aimed at providing assistance directly to disenfranchised voters. Throughout the primary elections that year, we offered resources for aggrieved voters to contact, and ran a survey to document the extent of the issues they faced. Our aim was to join all disenfranchised voters into a single voice demanding fixes to our broken electoral process.

As our work continued, we added an investigative arm to CAVDEF, one that worked to verify and document occurrences of election integrity violations. It started to become apparent that voter disenfranchisement and election fraud were not merely theoretical risks or isolated occurrences, but part of a well-organized criminal scheme aimed at controlling electoral outcomes. Much attention was focused on election officials engaged in discriminatory voting rights practices. Even more attention, however, was focused on a particularly obscure corner of the election process: the close-knit network of private vendors and regional subcontractors in control of the electronic machines which count the vast majority of US votes.

The more CAVDEF learned about the entities in control of US elections, the clearer it became that they were networked with other criminals; many in positions of power themselves. And these crimes were far more numerous than just election fraud, sometimes extending into very dark corners of politics and history. Documenting the full extent of corruption that was unveiled after peering into the broken electoral process became CAVDEF's focus.

CAVDEF's investigative focuses, despite being branched off into many different cases that may seem unrelated on the surface, all spring from this same origin. We believe that the public is owed the truth, however ugly, about what goes on behind the curtain. The exposure of the truth and the ensuing determination of the people is the one remedy that we believe we can count on.

Our investigations are constantly in progress, and we aim to keep everyone apprised as they develop. The wiki provides a well-documented repository of facts on the many cases that we have investigated, and illustrates how different entities are linked together. The blog contains longer-form writeups for as wide of an audience as possible.