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Strangely well-connected company

How did Yang Enterprises, a fairly small company in Oviedo FL, gain the political backing of Tom Feeney and connections to high-powered corporate players, including oil companies and military-industrial contractors? And how did they manage to keep these connections even after key employee Henry Nee was convicted of Chinese espionage and YEI overbilled its clients (including recently in 2015)?

It seems like Chinese espionage on US corporations and governments is being sanctioned high-up in the US political power structure. Ray Lemme told Clint Curtis that the corruption involving YEI and Feeney went "all the way to the top". That implies that there was high-level political influence to steer clients to YEI, potentially coming from George W. Bush and Jeb Bush.

Why ask YEI to write vote rigging software?

Why would Feeney commission vote rigging software from Yang Enterprises? Did he need a firm that was just as crooked as he was to do something like that? And does the prototype requested from YEI have something to do with Karl Rove's "election software study centers in Alabama and Tennessee to develop expertise" in election fraud alleged by John Caylor?