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Jessica Lunsford prior rape

One of the assertions in Chris Dahl's book about the John Couey case is that Jessica Lunsford had most likely been raped before Couey abducted her. Couey implied as much in his testimony, mentioning that Jessica was unusually knowledgeable about sex, but without physical evidence to back him up, the testimony of her admitted abductor and killer doesn't hold much weight. According to Dahl, though, the Ocala Star Banner also provides medical evidence supporting the claim that Jessica had previously had sex. He says that it mentioned "prior healed notches" and "clefts and scars" in her vaginal area.

The deposition of the medical examiner, Dr. Steven Cogswell, does not support this claim. In fact, Cogswell directly denies that there was any scarring when asked. So where exactly did this claim come from? Dahl was unable to locate the source, but I tracked it down to a Wikipedia edit in 2006. The edit unfortunately doesn't cite a specific article, but rather a news portal on the Ocala Star Banner full of articles and documents about the Couey case. Its description says:

Released coronoers report July 11 2006, READ supporitng pages before you change. SCINETIFIC PROOF has been stablished in regards to her hymen and time of death. READ IT

Which implies that the autopsy report was the source of the claims about the notches, clefts, and scars. Yet the autopsy report received from the Citrus County Sheriff's Office on September 1, 2017 also provides no evidence for that claim. So what are the possibilities?

  • The Wikipedia editor made an incorrect edit, either by innocent misinterpretation or willful spreading of false information
  • Although the edit was poorly-sourced, the claims are factual, and the original source has now disappeared down the memory hole. The autopsy report was changed to match the new narrative, and Cogswell was pressured into upholding it (perhaps resulting in his resignation one day after testifying at the Couey trial?)

Iran-Contra connection

The John Couey case has further possible indication of political connections, particularly to the players behind Iran-Contra. Gene Secord, who married into Couey's family through his niece, is suspected of being related to Richard Secord, a key conspirator along with other military officers like Oliver North. Both Secords lived in Florida at the time, but there's currently no evidence of a family connection. If, however, there is such a connection, it could explain why Couey was tied to such a politically-sensitive sex ring in the Valdosta area and why the rest of his family was protected from prosecution. Another sign of Iran-Contra involvement in the Couey case is that Hank Asher, who flew planeloads of cocaine from Colombia in 1982 and escaped prosecution, offered Mark Lunsford hush money.

Curiously enough, Iran-Contra itself is linked to a child sex ring for the rich and powerful: the Franklin scandal. The Franklin Credit Union, which served as a front for Lawrence E. King's child prostitution network, was likely used to launder money for the Contras. George H.W. Bush and Oliver North, who led the arms and drugs enterprise, were both seen at King's sex parties. Michael Aquino, a military officer implicated in child molestation and buying/selling children in connection with Franklin, was allegedly (according to King's photographer Rusty Nelson) given a briefcase of bearer bonds earmarked for the Contras by King. So it's entirely fitting with established history that the Iran-Contra conspirators would be involved with and protecting another elite child sex ring.

Aquino was accused by Paul Bonacci and other victims of subjecting them to mind control programming under the name "Monarch". For Bonacci, this programming was allegedly conducted at Offutt AFB near Omaha NE, and connected to the Franklin pedophile ring. What's interesting about Valdosta is that it's home to another Air Force base, Moody AFB, and that this base had multiple civilian and military personnel busted for soliciting sex with minors. That means (although it's entirely speculative and not substantiated) that a similar child abuse ring might be operating at Moody AFB.