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New York lever machines

California punch cards

Reorganization as Sequoia Pacific


UK ownership

[Jefferson Smurfit Group and De La Rue have been involved - both were owned by/financially tied to Madison Dearborn, a partner of the Carlyle Group]

Louisiana scandals

2000 election


Acquisition by Smartmatic

Sale to Dominion


Lever machines

Punch card systems

Optical scanners

DRE machines

Election management systems


Louisiana bribery scandal

FL 2000 hanging chads

Suspect elections

1996 Louisiana general

2000 Florida general

Main article: 2000 Florida general election

2004 Washington general

2016 Illinois Dem primary

Main article: 2016 Illinois primary

Political connections

Organized crime

International financiers

  • CIA and military-industrial crowd associated with Carlyle Group
  • Zionist Frank Lowy (significant control over De La Rue)

  • George Soros? - while greatly overblown by conservatives, a tenuous connection does exist: Soros associate Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is the chairman of Smartmatic, the former parent company of Sequoia which still holds onto its intellectual property; more importantly, the chairmanship of Smartmatic by a neoliberal globalist associated with Soros should put to rest the allegations of Smartmatic being a Hugo Chavez front

Corporate connections


  1. Bev Harris, Black Box Voting, p.70-73
  3. Sequoia Pacific corporate docs, 1985-1991 and 1991-2016 (New York corporation search here)
  4. Dan Rather, "The Trouble with Touch Screens", 2007/08/14 - report on Sequoia and FL 2000 hanging chads

External links

  • History of American Locker Group
  • AVM was incorporated under Rockwell in 1958
  • Pasquale Ricci organized crime
    • Lynn Landes, "Elections In America: Assume Crooks Are In Control", 2002/09/17: "Sequoia is another voting systems company that sends a cold chill down my spine. "Mob ties, bribery, felony convictions, and threats of coercion are visible in the public record of the election services company," according to investigative journalist and filmmaker Daniel Hopsicker, and reported in Hopsicker says that Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci, a 65-year-old senior executive with Sequoia, and the firm's Louisiana representative, recently pled guilty to passing out as much as $10 million dollars in bribes over the course of almost an entire decade." According to American Law Education Rights & Taxation (ALERT), Ricci is the president of Sequoia International, which also manufactures casino slot machines."
    • is apparently responsible for the A.L.E.R.T. messages being sent out
    • There is a New Jersey corporation with entity ID 0100426117 called SEQUOIA INTERNATIONAL, INC. which is a foreign corporation incorporated 1989/09/01
    • There is a New York corporation with DOS ID 604685 called SEQUOIA INTERNATIONAL, INC. which is a "DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION" incorporated 1980/01/25 (initially named SEQUOIA WORLD TRADE, INC. until 1983/03/14) and dissolved 1990/12/14
    • Public mentions of Sequoia International
  • Louisiana election fraud
    • Philip M. O’Halloran, "Pandora's Black Box", 1996/11
    • The Big Fix 2000 by Daniel Hopsicker (trailer) - shows the video made by Susan Bernecker of the DRE voting machines tabulating votes for her opponent; has Bernecker claim that she received death threats in her race for the Jefferson Parish City Council against Nick Giambelluca; claims that Jerry Fowler got into gambling trouble at a Harrah's casino in New Jersey; points out that the bribes paid to Fowler amounted to more than the purchase price of the voting machines so the bribes were not to purchase the equipment; brings up New Jersey election official Harold Webb, who owned many of Sequoia's dummy front companies and played a role in the Martin County FL absentee ballot controversy during 2000; notes that numerous election services companies were located in the same region of South Jersey that was famously home to mob activities; interviews former Manhattan election commissioner Douglas A. Kellner, who fought to keep Sequoia out of the election process; Douglas Kellner says that many of the companies had a history of bribing election officials and all of them have misled election officials; according to Doug Kellner, International Election Services (IES) had a contract from New York City to provide voting machines and technical support; Hopsicker claims that IES was just another Herb Webb front company; as per Kellner, for some reason Louisiana was going to give their old no-longer-needed Sequoia machines to New York but then refused; says that Herb Webb (owner of Electec) and Harold Webb are twins who conspired together, and that there is also a Hugh Webb involved in Sequoia Pacific who claims not to know one of the other two; a sign inside the Electec building says "ELECTEC INC. • GLOBAL ELECTION SYSTEMS" as well as Mt. Holly NJ and Albuquerque NM; notes that many Florida counties used Sequoia machines (both computer and punch card) marketed by other vendors; claims that a Fresno Bee reporter who interviewed Sequoia president Hugh Webb said they were taken aback by his secretive nature; talks about the FBI election murder investigation involving Ransom Shoup, who got a suspended sentence; says that Rocco Ricci got his start in the elections industry working for Shoup; notes that Dr. Michael Smurfit was under indictment in Spain for fraud and had just barely avoided indictment for bribing the prime minister of Ireland; talks about former Mobil subsidiary Container Corporation of America joining Smurfit's company in the 1980s; says that Dr. Smurfit hangs out at racetracks with Zurich currency speculators; claims Ricci is part of the Krewe of Endymion in New Orleans
    • Daniel Hopsicker, "“The Big Fix 2004:” How to Fix a Presidential Election", 2004/11/15
    • Daniel Hopsicker, "Election Company Has Long Criminal History", 2004/11/24
    • New Orleans Times-Picayune, "Fowler's wife is apparently kidnapped", 2002/12/26 - quite possibly another case of a "serial killer" being used to hide a politically-motivated murder
    • Giambelluca family
      • Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission board meeting on 1989/09/19 - mentions Tony Giambelluca of Louisiana of being in the fishing business
      • New Orleans Advocate obituary for Nicholas Paul "Nick" Giambelluca Sr.: "He was a lifelong resident of the New Orleans area [...] Upon returning from the Korean War, he joined the family business, A. Giambelluca Construction Company, which he operated with his father and two brothers. He was elected to the Jefferson Parish School Board on which he served for nine years. He then was elected to the Jefferson Parish Council from District 6 in 1992 and served as a Councilman for twelve years. [...] He was preceded in death by his parents, Anthony and Irene Giambelluca, and his two brothers, Michael Giambelluca and Anthony Giambelluca, Jr."
  • Madison Dearborn and Carlyle Group connection
    • World Socialist Website, "US voting machines: Will 2004 elections be electronically rigged?", 2003/12/24 - "Sequoia is also linked to the Bush family: De La Rue’s corporate parent, private equity firm Madison Dearborn, is a partner of the Carlyle Group, the investment firm that employs the current president’s father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush."
    • Carlyle Group website, "Williams Energy Partners Announces Buyer of General Partner Interest", 2003/04/20 - "The financial strength and breadth of the commercial relationships of Madison Dearborn and Carlyle/Riverstone will further enhance WEG’s ability to make accretive acquisitions" [emphasis added]
    • More about the Williams Companies acquisition: "Sequoia Systems is 20% owned by Madison Dearborn Partners, an equity leverage firm that in the last few years has joined partnerships on several occasions (in acquisitions worth several billion dollars) with the infamous Carlyle group, which has well documented ties to Bushes Jr. and Sr., Dick Cheney and the family of Osama Bin Laden. In fact Carlyle and Madison Dearborn, as of July of this year, joined together to buy the Williams Energy Group (WEG). Williams Energy is not only the largest manager of petroleum pipelines on the Eastern Seaboard but was also the central player in the California energy “crisis” that precipitated the downfall of (Bush connected) Enron and Anderson Accounting. On the board of Williams Energy, now owned by a firm with familial ties to the Bush junta, is a man named Harold W. Andersen who happens to be a major investor in World Companies, Inc. the primary shareholder of vote-counting giant ES&S."
  • Daniel Hopsicker, "Election Official Thwarts Recount Using Phony Vote Totals", 2004/12/14 - discusses how Pinellas County FL election supervisor Deborah Clark helped inflate the "yes" totals for a gambling initiative desired by casino owners in Hollywood FL that had actually been defeated; mentions her husband being an ES&S employee who later did consulting for the same company; talks about a woman in Clearwater FL who had trouble selecting Kerry on the touchscreen; deputy administrator to Clark is sister of Sandra Mortham, former Florida secretary of state and a lobbyist for ES&S plus the initial running mate of Jeb Bush in 1998; mentions how Jerry Fowler got himself into gambling trouble at Harrah's
  • DU thread started 2005/06/18 attempting to find information on Sequoia corporate officers - also mentions incestuous relationship between vendors and California election officials
  • 2005 Dave Emory interview of Daniel Hopsicker about election companies
  • Curious observation by Black Box Voting, "The Diebold Persuasion Machine", 2006 (archived on Daily Kos): "Sequoia Voting Systems (heavily used in New Jersey, in areas with heavy Hispanic populations including Riverside, San Bernardino and Santa Clara Counties (Calif.), also used in Palm Beach and Pinellas Counties (Fla.), in Chicago/Cook County (Ill.) and throughout the state of Nevada. Sequoia machines dominate many areas where the gambling industry is heavily represented and also are used in many areas with high Hispanic voting populations."
  • Smartmatic involvement
  • Ellen Theisen, "Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections", 2008/08/18 - gives examples of local election offices being dependent on the vendors to run their elections; explains that Oklahoma is one of the few states to kick out the vendors; see BradBlog article about it