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Initial formation


EAC reclamation



Voting systems board

Normal members:

  • Chair: Sandy Steinbach
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Steve Freeman
  • Brad Clark
  • Paul Craft
  • Dr. Brit Williams
  • Michael Clingman
  • Connie Schmidt

Ex-oficio members:

Board administration:

  • Brian Hancock

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  1. Brit Williams testimony before the EAC on 2006/07/15: "From their introduction in 1964 until 1990 the development, marketing, sales, and use of computer based voting systems was unregulated. In this era a computer based voting system was whatever the vendor said it was and whatever a jurisdiction could be convinced to purchase and use.

    The Federal Election Commission began the development of voting system standards in 1986. This effort resulted in the publication of the first ever set of voting system standards in January 1990. This standard was directed primarily toward the hardware associated with voting and did not address the software system that we now call the election management system.

    In 1994 the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) formed a Voting Systems Board and undertook to implement the 1990 FEC standards. In the period between 1990 and 1994 several states developed their own certification process and used Wyle Laboratories, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama to perform the environmental tests specified in the 1990 standards. As a result of this experience Wyle became the first NASED certified Independent Test Agency (ITA) and continues in that role today.

    Over time, the 1990 standards were interpreted to include the election management software and the 2002 standards specifically included standards for election management software. Since their expertise was primarily in hardware, Wyle requested that NASED identify a software firm to evaluate the election management software. Nichols Research Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama became the first software ITA. This function passed from Nichols to Ciber, Inc. through a series of acquisitions and mergers. SysTest Labs, LLC, a woman-owned corporation, became the first ITA certified by NASED to perform both hardware and software evaluations."
  2. VoteTrustUSA, "EAC To Assume Oversight Of Voting System Testing And Certification", 2006/07/10

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