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Family and early life

Cocaine trafficking

Prison entrepreneurship

Spectrum to Global to Diebold

Election consulting



Drug charges

Jeffrey Dean relationship

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Julie Ann Kempf

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  • Court and inmate documents
  • Black Box Voting, "Prison Records - John Elder", 2005/11/21
    • "I did find it interesting that PSI Group Inc. was founded in Omaha where ES&S comes from, and Urosevich comes from, and my brain is such a sieve sometimes I've forgotten the specifics, but there is a reason why so many roads lead to Omaha.

      It has more to do with early infrastructure on key communications backbones and data transfer capabilities than any type of conspiracy. That early infrastructure was produced, in part, because of Offutt Air Force Base and in part because of the powerful Kiewit firm (transportation and fiber optics networks)."
  • Bev Harris, "Fraction Magic – Part 6: Execution Capacity", 2016/06/14: "Frank Kaplan, whose name appears on some of the original e-mails pertaining to weighted fractionalized elections in GEMS, now works out of his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been paid for independent election services for Colorado locations9. Kaplan sometimes does business under the name Automated Ballot Concepts, and Automated Election Concepts. Documents from Fort Bend County, Texas and Boulder County, Colorado list Kaplan as Election Services Manager for a larger firm called Integrated Voting Solutions.

    Another individual, John Elder out of Lake Stevens, Washington shows up as an independent election consultant10. Oddly, his services are only found when you drill down into a Web site for Showcase Management Group, listed as “Music Production Consultants” in business directories. Elder reportedly acted as an intermediary between Fresno, California and the Integrated Ballot Solutions firm while Victor Salazar was Fresno Registrar of Voters. 11.

    A third contractor, Steve Knecht, doing business as Waypoint Election Services12, provides an e-mail with Ballot Concepts, which is Kaplan’s consulting business name.

    E-mails and court testimony show that the above individuals (Elder, Knecht, and Kaplan) were knowledgeable about the insertion of the fractional weighted elections in GEMS. All three have been working as middlemen handling election data."
  • Court of Appeals of California for the Fifth District, INTEGRATED VOTING SOLUTIONS, INC. v. AUTOMATED BALLOT CONCEPTS, LLC, "Opinion", 2017/01/26 - mentions John Elder, Frank Kaplan, and Stephen Knecht (all former Global and Diebold employees) as being involved with these election consulting companies
  • TODO: does Integrated Voting Solutions have any relationship to IVS/RTECH Election Management LLC out of Denver CO registered by Kevin Timken (also of Redstone Print and Mail), which itself may be tied to Dominion Voting and/or Command Central?
  • Patents for John Elder - includes an "Integrated vote by mail processing system" by many people including Elder, first associated with Diebold Election Systems in 2005-2007 and then associated with "Electron Systems & Software, LLC" by 2014
  • Facebook page for John Elder - handle is smi.seattle; identifies self as "CEO & Founder at Showcase Management Group"; website is given as
  • Showcase Management Group website (
    • 2011 era site
      • Homepage - mission statement signed by "John & Lisa Elder, President/Vice-President" says "Showcase Music Industries is committed to helping musicians accomplish their goals by offering private consultations with top music industry executives, recording artists, and other experienced music business professionals that escalate and maintain the careers of recording artists and musicians. Music is a business. Accordingly, we arrange consultations, bridging the gap between you, the musician, and professionals in the music industry. This allows our musician-based clientele to receive private consultations regarding both the performance and business aspects of the music industry."; goes on to state "Showcase Music Industries business plan provides a unique opportunity for musicians and recording artists to receive “one stop shopping” for tools to develop into a national act with a wealth of information in all areas of the music industry to showcase!"
      • Linked Twitter account from that era - mentions a 2011/02/09 seminar at Tulalip Casino with Interscope Records co-founder Beau Hill
    • 2012 era site
      • Homepage - states "Showcase Music Industries (SMI) is committed to embracing an ever changing music industry with a new paradigm of strategies and tools to maximize indie artists' exposure, sales, and live performance value with "one-stop shopping". SMI has a wealth of information in all areas of the music industry to meet these goals."
      • Contact Us page - identifies as both Showcase Music Industries and Showcase Management Group LLC; based at 11310 S Lake Stevens Road, Lake Stevens, WA 98258; has John Elder as CEO/President, Lisa Elder as VP of Finance, and Andrew Schram handling Event Promotions
    • 2014 era site
      • Homepage - now identifies as Showcase Management Group LLC with the subtitle "Database Consulting, Design, and Implementation"
    • 2016 era site
      • Homepage - still identifies as Showcase Management Group; presents itself like a consulting firm (with all the standard buzzwords)
      • Products page - sole product is E-SCAN PETITIONS / eScan Petitions, "a fully automated system for creating and validating initiatives and referendums petitions"
      • Services page - a "sampling" of their services is Workflow Automation Applications, Electronic Data Capture Applications, Electronic Signature Verification Applications, Election Services Data Processing Applications, Election Services Consulting, Relational Database Design, Printing Tools
      • Contact Us page
  • OpenCorporates page for SHOWCASE MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC - incorporated 2008/01/17; had Lisa Elder since the incorporation and Justin Elder since 2019/02/20, until 2020/03/28 when Lisa was removed and 2020/12/16 when Justin was removed
  • zoominfo employee directory for Showcase Management Group - has Justin Elder as "Integrated Voting Solutions", John Elder as Chief Financial Officer, and Steven Prussing as "Developer"