Jeffrey Dean

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Family and early life

Boeing engineering job

Consulting career


Accounting for CG&G

[6] [7]

Prison entrepreneurship

Election contracting

Leading Global Election Systems



Diebold consultant

Life after Diebold


  • Boeing: Engineer (????-????)
  • Astec: Co-founder and engineer (????-????)
  • Dean-Redman Associates: Co-founder and engineer (????-198_)
  • PSI Group: Programmer (199_-1995)
  • Spectrum Print & Mail: General manager (1996-2000)
  • Diebold Election Systems: Director and VP of research & development (2000-2002), consultant (2002-????)


CG&G embezzlement

GEMS backdoors

Main article: GEMS

Julie Anne Kempf

Political connections

See also


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    When I studied embezzlers back in the 1990s, I learned that every embezzler has a "reason" why they [started a dummy bank account/wired money to their own account/failed to deposit the cash/did not report $90,000 in revenues/ you name it). Only the stupidest white collar criminal does not create a "reason" to have plausible deniability. Good reporting, and good law enforcement investigation, learns to take plausible denials with a grain of salt and instead look at actual result.

    The actual result of fractionalizing the count was that it enabled results alteration on an unprecedented level, with extraordinary precision, and with enough subtlety to create an appearance of plausible demographics. Since there is no way to get inside a programmer's head to know his real reasons, there is no way to determine nefariousness.

    What can be determined is who supervised it. An ex-convict who was jailed for computer fraud just 5 years before he supervised the creation of fractionalized votes. What can be determined is whether any large financial windfalls blessed this ex-convict when Fraction Magic was created. 48 hours after it appeared in the change log, a $5 million deal was signed and through his wife he soon afterward received $3.6 million, with retirement of personal debt as well."

External links

  • Court and inmate documents
  • Spectrum Ltd. acquisition agreement with Global
  • Dean worked for Boeing in 2001?
  • Black Box Voting, "Updates on felons - Jeffrey Dean and John Elder", 2005/11/22
    • "Dean's TOPS (Dean's Temporary Office Systems) is or was located in the same complex as King County Elections "MBOS" facility, the facility where absentee ballot handling is done.(1)

      Dean's Temporary Office Systems was listed in a 1985 Seattle Times news article (2) as being owned by Neil Dean, who later became a vice president for Postal Services Inc. of Washington, which became known as PSI Group, Inc."
    • "According to a well-placed source, Jeff Dean went to work for his brother when he got out of prison. This appears to be true -- From Jeffrey Dean's and John Elder's prison records, you can see that when they were released from prison, they both list PSI Group as their planned employer, and the manager at that time was Neil Dean. ( pg 12 and pg 13)"
    • "Jeffrey Dean and his wife, Deborah M. Dean, somehow shrugged off an unpaid liability of $385,277.05 plus interest accrued from 1991, restitution required in connection with Dean's 23 counts of embezzlement ( pg. 16), and they somehow capitalized and became owners of Spectrum Print & Mail."
    • "About the same time King County bought its optical scan system from Global Election Systems (1998), Spectrum Print & Mail got the ballot printing contract for King County.

      In fact, it was this printing contract that led to the exposure of Jeffrey Dean's felony record. A competitor in the bid tipped off someone in King County elections. "You should check into the backgrounds of some of the people at Spectrum," was the tip.

      The individual who received the tip passed it up the ladder, but King County executives reportedly did not follow up."
    • "Within a few weeks of Jeffrey Dean taking the positions with Global Election Systems, GEMS went through several changes. Before Dean was employed by Global, GEMS had one set of books. Jeff Dean began his positions with Global in Sept. 2000; the GEMS program immediately went through several iterations, and by October 2000, shortly before the presidential election, a second set of books had appeared in GEMS.[links to GEMS iterations]

      Access logs for King County Elections show that Jeffrey Dean had a key to the GEMS room and 24-hour access to the main elections building. Records do not show that he returned his key. Interviews with former elections supervisor Julie Anne Kempf confirm that Jeffrey Dean was given access to the King County GEMS tabulator.

      Kempf became increasingly uncomfortable with Dean, and urged King County to enact much stronger security, especially in the area of access to the GEMS tabulator. While Kempf was trying to tighten King County's GEMS security procedures, King County was trying to loosen it up.

      The 2000 pre-presidential GEMS alterations coincide with experimentation on Los Angeles County vote files."
    • "John Elder was given management control over the ballot printing plant when Jeff Dean was moved into Global Election Systems' R&D department. Jeff Dean's son, David Dean, also took a job with the ballot printer, and John Elder's son Justin began working there too. John Elder's second wife, Lisa, also worked for the ballot printing facility."
    • "While Diebold was hemorrhaging money in its elections division, it was also treating selected elections division employees to plush party-boat rewards, which included high stakes gambling. Our sources tell us that the elections division's then-president Bob Urosevich participated, as did many employees from the ballot-printing division. Extra-marital affairs blossomed during these parties, and upper management urged lower level employees to gamble, sometimes even offering them money to get them started.

      While Diebold Elections Systems partied, hourly employees struggled. The ballot printing operation often worked around the clock to hit deadlines, while night managers engaged in on-the-job drinking, and sometimes drug use. Meanwhile, press operators were poorly trained and overworked."
    • "In mid-2004, Diebold gave John Elder a golden parachute. He, his wife, and other employees, were provided with paychecks for six months, under the condition that they shut up.

      Elder later became an elections consultant based out of Lake Stevens Washington, and Diebold's printing plant management was taken over by Alabama's David Ashworth.

      A rash of surprise drug-tests were performed in July 2004, resulting in termination of more employees."
    • "We broke the story on Jeffrey Dean when a source, former King County Supervisor of Elections Julie Anne Kempf, assisted us by providing the prison records she had obtained. According to Kempf, she reported the felon histories of Dean and Elder to King County executives, but they continued to grant access to King County ballots to John Elder, and took no action to remove Jeffrey Dean's keys. Public records (key logs) appear to confirm that Dean's keys were never returned to King County Elections.

      Shortly after Dean and Elder's prison records were exposed to King County officials, an absentee ballot delivery and mailing issue arose, ruining the career of King County Elections Supervisor Julie Anne Kempf. [link]

      Who controlled ballot printing? Jeffrey Dean's company, which had not yet been purchased by Diebold. Who controlled absentee ballot mailing? Jeffrey Dean's brother's company, PSI Group. Who provided the reason for the late ballots to Elections Supervisor Kempf -- the reason she repeated to her supervisors, who later accused her of making it up? John Elder's employees. Who caused the ballots to be late? Jeffrey Dean's prison buddy, John Elder.

      Kempf was fired, with blistering news coverage. Both the Seattle Times and the Post Intelligencer were provided with information on the felony records of Dean and Elder, but neither paper covered it until January 2004, after Black Box Voting broke the story (Dec. 2003), and the Associated Press and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote of it.

      Kempf was recently accosted by Seattle police, who hauled her to the station, released a story that she had been "arrested," over odd charges like stopping payments on a year-old public records check for records she says were incomplete, and a claim that she tried to run over a police officer with her car. [link] This was given first class treatment in the Seattle press, but what was not reported is that no charges were ever filed, and the matter was dropped after a quick smear."
    • "Note from BBV admin - The corporate family tree of PSI Group could use a little additional work to make it more complete. PSI Group's acquisition chain might be of interest. The firm sold its imaging assets to Standard Register company in 1997, and sold other assets to Bellevue, Washington-based Fiserv Inc. in Feb. 1998." - interesting mention of imaging assets, which could be linked to Imagis by Buck Revell
  • VoterGA gave Georgia state officials copy of Jeffrey Dean's criminal record
  • Family tree information on the Deans - full name of Jeffrey Dean is Jeffrey Warren Dean and his brother Neil Dean is Thomas Neil Dean or T. Neil Dean
  • Seattle Weekly, "Election Pros Are Cons", 2004/02/11
  • Black Box Voting, "COLORADO SETS THE STAGE FOR A BOGUS ELECTION", 2012/11/01: "Let's begin with the unflappable Donetta Davidson, who collaborated with convicted embezzler Jeffrey Dean(1) to remove voter privacy, through a contract specification that required him to redo his absentee mail software in order to embed a method to tie voted ballots to the voters. This shifty business, which now includes all absentee ballots cast on Hart eSlate machines, has led to a blockade on ALL Colorado election accounting records [...] A number of protective accounting measures crucial for evaluating election tampering have been taken off the table though a new law to block election-related public records examination. Donetta Davidson led the lobbying for this law. Davidson had become a commissioner of the U.S. Election Assistence Commission, then took a step down to take over the Colorado Clerks Association. In this capacity she led a fight to block the media and citizens from examining the ballots. And no wonder: She knew that due to changes made under her administration, private companies had marks embedded on the ballots enabling them to harvest data tying votes to voters. Thanks to a lawsuit by Colorado citizen Marilyn Marks, of The Citizen Center, sponsored and assisted by Black Box Voting, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed right to examine ballots. [...] With ballot examination affirmed to be in the public domain, Davidson's next move was to block ballot examination until after all remedies had expired. Using her clout, she lobbied successfully for the removal of ballots -- AND OTHER CRUCIAL ELECTION RECORDS, SUCH AS POLL LISTS -- from any access by election watchdogs until 45 days after the election."
  • Rigel2020, "They are Rigging Elections Around the World — Staging Coups & Ruining Democracies Everywhere", 2017/11/12 - puts Jeffrey Dean under "Bribed or Paid Entities" along with Bob Urosevich / Todd Urosevich and local election officials like Michael Vu

PSI Group details

  • Las Vegas Sun, "New company brings 80 jobs to Las Vegas", 1999/09/17: "PSI Group, a national mail presort company, begins its Las Vegas operations on Monday. The Omaha, Neb.-based company's operating center is expected to process more than 18 million letters per month by year's end. Chief Executive Robert Krohn said the center at 6283 S. Valley View Blvd. will have a maximum processing capacity of 30 million letter a month. With a construction cost of approximately $3 million, the processing center will employ about 80 full and part-time workers, said Krohn. The company already operates processing centers in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle, serving several of the nation's largest banks and financial institutions. PSI Group works closely with the U.S. Postal Service, and with the opening of its Las Vegas operations estimates it will process about 3 percent of the total U.S. automated mail. Neil Dean will serve as PSI's senior vice-president in Las Vegas, and San Francisco operations manager Mark Benter will serve in that capacity here."
  • Business Wire, "PSI Establishes New Jersey Operating Center", 2001/01/09
  • Pitney Bowes, "Pitney Bowes to Acquire PSI Group", 2002/06/27
  • Pitney Bowes, "Pitney Bowes Completes Acquisition of PSI Group", 2002/08/01
  • BBV forum discussion on PSI Group
    • "Yep. PSI Group was given the assignment of handling ballots for King County under Neil Dean, who is embezzler Jeffrey Dean's brother. Jeffrey Dean and convicted narcotics trafficker John Elder got their first jobs with PSI Group when they got out of prison.

      PSI Group does outgoing ballot sorting and mailing for many counties in many states, and also handles the incoming sorting for large jurisdictions like King County and Los Angeles County.

      Thanks to Kathleen Wynne's investigative work, we obtained a recent employee list. We found a convicted sex offender and a number of apparently illegal non-English speaking workers from southeast Asia and Africa, and some employees without last names ("Jack Jack" for example).

      PSI Group works with a Diebold ballot printing plant employee, Harm Patria.

      The role of PSI Group, which was founded in Omaha and then spun off to Pitney Bowes, should be carefully scrutinized, as it gains high-security inside access for millions of ballots, and both its security procedures and its hiring practices leave much to be desired."
  • DU forum discussion on PSI Group
  • Omaha World-Herald, "Omaha Business Hall of Fame to induct six who worked their way to the top", 2016/01/25: "Irving R. Dana Jr. (1926-1998) A founder of DLR Group Irving R. Dana Jr. is recognized posthumously for the Omaha architectural and engineering firm he helped found in the mid-1960s, now one of the nation’s largest. He died in 1998. In 1966 Dana Jr. joined with William Larson and James Roubal to form Dana, Larson, Roubal & Associates, known today as the DLR Group. The firm has been involved in the design of TD Ameritrade Park, Bryan High School and the Omaha Community Playhouse, among other projects around the United States. [...] Retirement didn’t suit him, though, and at age 63, in 1991, he founded PSI Group Inc., a private mail-sorting business, acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2002 for $130 million."

Tae Kim case

Julie Anne Kempf

  • The Stranger, "Lost and Found", 1999/09/02 - 1999 allegations against Kempf
  • Seattle Weekly, "Ballot Pox", 2006/10/09 - new allegations against Kempf in 2005 after being forced out; quotes Sheriff's spokesperson John Urquhart
  • Democratic Underground discussion about 2005 Kempf allegations
  • Jim March claims Kempf was a victim of retaliation by the local power structure: "OK, back to King County. Who was still a major customer of Global after their buyout of Spectrum and where Dean frequently supported the elections division until in 2002 elections supervisor Julie Ann Kemf (may have that spelling wrong) got one too many "bad vibes" off of Dean and did some checking, found out about his massive felony embezzlement conviction and booted him out of the building for good, and started the process of ripping out every voting machine he’d ever touched. At which point Kemf was arrested for DUI and assault on a local cop, a lurid story made the local paper and she was fired...after which all charges were dropped. Her punishment for trying to clean up that county's election process."
  • No Vote By Mail Project, "Sherril Huff, David Irons, Julie Kempf, Pam Roach, Christopher Clifford, or Bill Anderson?", 2009/01/16: "Julie Anne Kempf. Julie Anne is the most honest election integrity activist I have ever met. And the most knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from her, as have many, many voting integrity activists all around the country. Of course, for this reason she is being slandered in the media. Originally scapegoated years ago, the county has continuosly worked to malign her on many levels. Even the average dumb person should be able to read the lies spewed in the papers about Julia Anne Kempf and realize that the accusations against her usually don’t even pass a good old fashion “smell test.” Her candidate statement is spot on. Regardless though, the typical Seattle voter reads the news, and rarely thinks for themselves. The number of people I’ve literally seen show up at a voting booth with the “Stranger’s Cheat Sheet” election guide is stupifying. Julie Anne is a true fighter for election integrity. Therefore, she obviously will not win."

Subsequent endeavors

  • Canyon Pines RV Resort in Riggins ID
    • Review posted on 2011/04/03: "We will be leaving Riggins, Idaho soon. Our next stop will be in Missoula, Montana. We will be picking up our oldest grandson, Jared, from the airport. He will be spending about 10 days with us while he is on spring break from school. We can't wait to pick him up and let the fun begin. :-)

      When we first arrived in Riggins we had a family emergency and had to leave for Vegas. I didn't really have time to do an update about this campground.

      I am adding pictures today and especially want to say "thank you" to our wonderful host, Deborah and Jeff Dean. While we had to be away, they kept a watch on our motorhome and made sure all was well. They gave us the BEST site in the campground and the best deal of only $325 for the month, including electricity. Thanks a million guys, we will definitely be back!"