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  • Executive Consulting Services: CEO
  • SmarTech: CEO

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See the clients of Michael Connell's two Web companies, GovTech Solutions and New Media Communications

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  • According to Bob Fitrakis, "Will "push and pray" voting prevail in 2012? The private companies behind the curtain: The great and powerful advocates of faith-based electronic voting", 2012/04/11, Averbeck had connections with an evangelical Christian publisher before launching SmarTech: "Prior to emerging as owner of the premier internet hosting company for Republicans in the United States, Averbeck had been affiliated with Pathway Press, the publishing arm of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. "Pathway provides award-winning magazines, books, and innovative discipleship curriculum materials for the Church of God and to the wider Evangelical and Pentecostal community," according to its website."
  • PROMIS connection?
    • Microsoft Corporation, "Microsoft and VARBusiness Announce “Best Solutions for Small Business” Contest Winners", 1998/06/08 - Averbeck's former company won a 1998 award for PROMIS-like software: "The grand prize was awarded to Executive Consulting Services Inc. of Chattanooga, Tenn., for its installation in a local law firm of a networked solution running on Microsoft BackOffice® Small Business Server with Microsoft Access 97 Runtime. Because the bankruptcy industry has gone to a per-case fee arrangement, Executive Consulting Services developed a software package that tracks bankruptcy and collection cases, allows electronic court filing, schedules dockets, receives and calculates payments and payoffs with or without interest, and schedules the attorneys’ time. Its installation for Fields & Bible, PC has allowed the law firm to go from 150 cases per month to well over 650 cases per month in four states, increasing monthly revenue by 30 percent. “We value this recognition of our efforts to serve the small-business market effectively,” said Jeff Averbeck, president of Executive Consulting Services Inc."
    • PROMIS successors have names like SMART and TECH, as noted by Mike Ruppert's article linked on the Inslaw affair page
  • Anonymous poster named stray offers revelations about Averbeck
    • " in my vast and storied career, I use to have business relations with Averbeck before SmartTech.

      Here's you some 'skinny' to play with:

      My own personal opinion is that I'd rather buy a used Ford Pinto with a nonfunctional odometer from Bill Clinton's brother than buy a new Lexus right off the lot from Averbeck. He's a smarmy, dirty, bulbous, doughy, slimy individual and I'd personally steer FAR from it if I had any of my personal wealth on the line in any business venture that had his vile mark upon it or around it.

      'Back in the day' he used to work with ISN.

      A few people I know might have some insight into him:

      1) A guy that is a well known Republican in North Georgia circles named 'Alan Painter' has associations with Averbeck from 'back in the day.' (Painter owns 'NYPD Pizza and Sandwich Shop' in Ft. Oglethorpe.)

      (I could write a book about this tard.)

      2) A guy that still lives in the Chattanooga area that commutes to his NASA job in Huntsville AL every day named Tim Carringer. Tim used to be a contemporary of Averbeck back in the ISN days.

      (Huge Tennessee fan and could be an understudy for the 'John Boy and Billy Big Show.)

      Either way....have at it, RTN. I'm enjoying sitting on the sidelines and watching this particular festering corpse being unearthed."
    • "Also....if you're curious where the data's at, you might try a local company called 'Iron Mountain.' They used to be DataSafe and before that 'Electronic Vault.'

      Their local facility is just off Bonny Oaks in an unmarked buolding and I know for a fact that they are the offiste data storage site for all of SmartTech's backup tapes in their data center here in Chattanooga...."
    • Facebook account of Alan Painter - definitely Christian and right-wing; from Wallaceville GA, which is near Chattanooga TN, Fort Oglethorpe GA, and the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park in Georgia; attended Chattanooga Valley High School; studied electrical engineering at Georgia Tech; involved in three Rossville GA businesses named Techwood: technology architect at Techwood Solutions, honeybee researcher at Techwood Farms, and a real-estate investor at IT company Techwood Group
    • Twitter account of Tim Carringer - lives in Huntsville AL
  • st3 background - chief scientist was Michael Cunnyngham a.k.a. Mikey Cunnyngham
  • Airnet involvement
    • DU thread about SmarTech hosting 2004 Ohio election results - mentions Averbeck's involvement with Oak Ridge and Huntsville AL: "The SMARTech founder, who also operates AirNet Group Inc., said he is working with Chattanooga officials to help use Chattanooga’s abundant fiber capacity to help connect the Tennessee Technology Corridor along Interstate 75, including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; the NASA facilities in Huntsville, Ala.; and the Arnold Engineering Development Center in Tullahoma, Tenn."
    • Airnet Group presentation on their data center - mentions how they're approximately 120 miles away from Atlanta GA, Knoxville TN, Nashville TN, and Huntsville AL (both Atlanta and Huntsville have been linked to the SmarTech election fraud enterprise)
    • Melissa Data as a contractor
    • Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Server farm lets Airnet stalk political, nonprofit clients", 2011/09/03 - mentions president and CEO Jeff Averbeck and COO Scott Rix; reveals that they host large databases of personal information (perhaps from Hank Asher's company TLO or Melissa Data): "In that election, Airnet allowed political customers to drag and drop attributes like age, location and political persuasion into a "sandbox" to create a targeted list. That list, which potentially includes "100 percent" of Americans, Averbeck said, pairs an advanced Internet phone service with extensive call lists that include huge amounts of information. [...] Anyone who's ever bought a car, filled out an online survey or even voted is probably in the database. [...] Airnet's computer models can even predict a person's decisions based on past trends, and each new interaction, whether by email or telephone, results in new data"; points out how Airnet has grown its business from political campaigns to "data management and corporate mass communications"; says that they have data centers in Chattanooga as well as Atlanta and Washington DC
    • COO at Airnet: The Chattanoogan, "Scott Rix – “A Family Of Heroes”", 2012/11/24
    • Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Top Trump staffers using private email accounts hosted on Chattanooga server", 2017/01/26: "Newsweek magazine is reporting that senior members of President Donald Trump's staff, including his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, press secretary Sean Spicer, and senior advisers Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, are using private email accounts belonging to the Republican National Committee that are hosted by a computer server in downtown Chattanooga. [...] The Airnet Group, a Chattanooga firm located on Broad Street, is cited by Newsweek as the company hosting the email accounts for the RNC. [...] Airnet is better known in political circles as SmartTech, a Chattanooga-based company that evolved from a staffing firm in 1994 to a political telecommunications business in 2002, and now runs some of the largest nonprofit, corporate and political marketing efforts in the country, company founder Jeff Averbeck told the Times Free Press in a previous interview."
    • Airnet Group, "Inside Airnet: How Our CEO and Business Address are Connected to The Green Bay Packers", 2017/08/23: "As you might know, our corporate address is located at 1604 Reggie White Boulevard. Reggie White a.k.a. "the Minister of Defense" played for the Green Bay Packers from 1993 to 1998. He was born and grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What does this have to do with Airnet, other than a coincidental geographic location? Jeff Averbeck, President and CEO of Airnet Group, was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is a part-owner of the Green Bay Packers, a traditional opportunity for residents of Green Bay. Airnet relocated our corporate office to Reggie White Boulevard back in March of 2017."
    • 11 Alive (Atlanta GA), "Records: Atlanta billed $2.6 million by companies after $50,000 ransomware attack", 2018/04/23: "The information management department is also listed as paying AIrnet Group, Inc. $393,328 for "Microsoft Azure coud engineering, development and migration professional services.""
  • Declaration of Brett Kimberlin on 2008/10/22
    • Fifth anonymous tip: "October 22, 2008, Jeff Averbeck has ten teams working under him with a lead person and that each team is assigned a different state. Karl Rove is controlling the entire operation but there are firewalls between him and the teams. The "team leads" are expected to converge on Chattanooga before the election to tweak their election plans. SmartTech receives funds and then divides some of those funds between the teams and these funds are "federal funds." SmartTech has a plethora of front companies covering for these teams but I do not know their names. Some of them are somehow affiliated with or have done work for the Oakridge Testing Facility and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The teams are separate in case one or more gets taken down the others will continue their work. Click."
  • Coptix allegations