Henry Nee

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Family and early life


Yang Enterprises career



Arrest and trial






Illegal alien status


Chinese espionage


  1. Iowa City assessor page for 31 Lincoln Ave. with the old property record card: shows that Richard W. Orr owned the property from 1952/09/05 until 1984/06/05, at which point it was bought by the Hodge family (Gary D. and Michael E. and Julie K.) to "TEAR DOWN FOR APT". The property is currently owned by MG Apartments LC, but it is evidently just a single-family home, though it is next to an apartment.
  2. YEI timecard for Henry Nee, 1998/10/9
  3. YEI timecard for Henry Nee, 1998/11/27
  4. Nee confirmed to be an illegal alien while working at YEI
  5. Ting-Ih Hsu and Henry Nee indicted for selling missile technology to China
  6. Henry Nee pled guilty to shipping missile chips to China
  7. Espionage sentencing: pages 1, 2, 3

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