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Military installations which are connected to parapolitical intrigue (such as mind control, pedophile rings, drug trafficking, terrorism, etc.)


  • Fort Rucker - close to Enterprise AL, a major center of Dixie Mafia activity
  • Maxwell Air Force Base - home to Air University, the Air Force training school for both domestic and foreign students; allegedly trained lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta under the auspices of Doss Aviation; illegal immigrants were brought onto the base by Aztec Environmental Inc.
  • Redstone Arsenal - close to Huntsville AL, a hotbed for the military-industrial complex and location of several voting system test labs; allegedly one of the locations where Cathy O'Brien was trained


  • Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - in Laurel Canyon, whose 1960s counterculture was suspected by Dave McGowan of being a government operation
  • Mather Air Force Base - had a scandal involving weapons thefts from the base which Ronald E. Winter, "a narcotics user believed involved in illegal weapons sales", was going to testify about before being murdered in 1975 by Philip Arthur Thompson, an intelligence operative and possible conspirator in the thefts; the location where Sgt. Brian Maggiore, a military policeman who became a Golden State Killer victim in 1978, was stationed; was found shortly after Maggiore's murder to have a drug trafficking ring operating with the complicity of other military policemen on the base
  • Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake - linked to Charles Manson according to Fritz Springmeier; source of military technology used by Drew Thornton's Kentucky drug smuggling group "The Company" (as detailed in The Bluegrass Conspiracy); adjacent to Trona CA, where former US Navy officer Macky Boykin (one of the abusers of JonBenet Ramsey murder witness Nancy Krebs) lived
  • Presidio of San Francisco - the military base where Michael Aquino was stationed; home to a daycare at which children were sexually abused by Aquino and others; Paul Bonacci claimed to have been taken here by Aquino for mind control programming


  • Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station / Cheyenne Mountain Complex - near Colorado Springs CO; former headquarters of the United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) until 2006 when it moved to the nearby Peterson Air Force Base; where Michael Aquino was stationed with the Space Command from 1990 to 1994 after being processed out of the Army
  • Fort Carson - near Colorado Springs CO; employed all of the perpetrators -- Freddie Glenn, ringleader Michael Corbett, Larry Dunn, and Eric McCleod -- behind a 1975 murder spree (including Kelsey Grammer's sister Karen Grammer) investigated by Lou Smit that was likely connected to the 1975 Grand Junction murders
  • Greeley Air National Guard Station - home to the 233rd Space Group; located in Greeley CO, home to bizarre satanic and pedophile activity


  • Eglin Air Force Base - was, according to Daniel Hopsicker, the site of a program in the late 50s and early 60s run by a defense contractor owned by David Harold Byrd which tested Regulus II cruise missiles (and was connected to the Venice Airport); contained on its secure premises the wooded area where Ted Bundy was arrested in Florida after the Kimberly Leach murder; home to a former minimum security prison whose inmates included Joseph F. Valverde (a drug trafficker associated with North Fox Island pedophile ring money launderer Adam Starchild), Cliff Wentworth (the lawyer who played a key role in Operation Sunburn before allegedly turning over his enterprise to Barry Seal and Doss Aviation), and Randy Glass (a diamond seller and financial crook turned informant who busted a scheme to sell Stinger missiles to jihadists with Pakistani ISI connections)
  • MacDill Air Force Base - near Clearwater FL, which is home to a powerful Scientology presence (including the Fort Harrison hotel, a major Scientology training center whose phone number was found at the home of David Berkowitz), a Straight Inc. institution, and alleged illicit sex clubs running up US 19 (the same route John Couey took to escape to Georgia undetected by police)
  • Naval Air Station Pensacola - known as the "Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation"; had its residence for foreign flight school students listed by three 9/11 hijackers as their residence; in 2015, Richard Thomas Smith, a serviceman at the base working for the Department of Homeland Security, was killed along with his mother and brother in a "ritualistic killing", and was the only victim shot in the head; was the location of a December 2019 mass shooting by Saudi students; following the shooting, over a dozen Saudi students training at the base were deported, some with connections to extremist groups and some in possession of child pornography
  • Tyndall Air Force Base - near Panama City FL, a major center of Dixie Mafia activity; was the location of a Raytheon delegation for Saudi defense officials in April 1999; illegal immigrants were brought onto the base by Aztec Environmental Inc.


  • Moody Air Force Base - outside of Valdosta GA, which is home to an alleged pedophile ring; had notable incidences of weapons thefts and employees (both military and civilian) being arrested on pedophilia charges; aviation training company FlightSafety International operates a flight school at the base


  • Edgewood Arsenal - conducted classified human experiments from 1948 to 1975
  • Fort Detrick - located in Maryland; home to a bioweapons program



New York

  • Montauk Air Force Station a.k.a. Camp Hero - allegedly involved with the "Montauk Project"; David Berkowitz had the phone number of the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club, a country club located adjacent to the base, in his possession
  • Plattsburgh Air Force Base - the location where Wayne Harris, the father of Columbine shooter Eric Harris, was stationed, and allegedly where mind control was conducted on Eric
  • United States Military Academy a.k.a. West Point - home to a daycare at which children were sexually abused in a case that was covered up by Rudy Giuliani

North Carolina

  • Fort Bragg - home to the Army Special Forces (i.e. Green Berets); was the location of the Jeffrey MacDonald family murders in 1970

North Dakota

  • Minot Air Force Base - a Strategic Air Command installation; "Son of Sam" cult member John Carr was stationed at the base, allegedly involved in narcotics activities there, and was murdered close to the base itself


  • Rickenbacker Air Force Base - the location where Barry Seal's plane was outfitted with cameras by the CIA for a drug sting against the Sandinistas; later became the Rickenbacker Airport where Les Wexner (benefactor of Jeffrey Epstein) and Paul Mifsud (Chief of Staff to Ohio Governor George Voinovich) were trying to move Southern Air Transport to in the 1990s
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - had both Wayne Harris (the father of Columbine shooter Eric Harris) and Roy Gricar (who died of an alleged suicide in 1996 and was the brother of missing Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar who failed to prosecute Jerry Sandusky) working at the base around the same time; near Greene County OH, whose county seat is Xenia OH where the Rapp family behind Triad GSI are from


  • Fort Sam Houston - where both Gary Heidnik and Jeffrey Dahmer were sent to be trained as Army medics (despite requesting to be trained as military policemen) before they were sent to an Army hospital in West Germany
  • Lackland Air Force Base - near San Antonio TX; location of the Chere Jo Horton murder which was dubiously pinned on airman Jimmy Shaver with the help of CIA doctor Louis Jolyon West; one 9/11 hijacker was said to have received language training at the base

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