2010 South Carolina Democratic primary

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  • Black Box Voting, "(SC) 6/10 - QUESTIONS TO ASK IN SOUTH CAROLINA", 2010/06/16: "The profile of this particular anomaly appears to rule out voting machine malprogramming at the county level. Whatever went wrong in South Carolina voting machines happened (most likely) in Omaha, or (less likely) at the state board of elections level. Therefore, it's about time that we find out the name(s) of the programmers in Omaha who coded the iVotronic cartridges that went out to South Carolina. Typically, ES&S programs its iVotronics in Omaha, or sometimes with a subcontractor."
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  • Alvin Greene background
    • ABC News, "Sen. Nominee Was Kicked Out of Army, Has Felony Charge Pending", 2010/06/09: "Greene, who has yet to enter a plea or be indicted, was arrested in November and charged with "disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity" in Richland County, S.C., and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. The U.S. Senate candidate was captured on video surveillance Nov. 4 trying to show "obscene photographs from a website" to a female victim on the University of South Carolina campus and go to her room without her consent, according to the affidavit. [...] Greene has been unemployed and living in his rural hometown 60 miles south of Columbia. He doesn't own a cell phone and there is no computer in his house. He returned home last August when he was involuntarily forced out of the Army after a 13 year career because "things just weren't working ... it was hard to say." He had served as an intelligence specialist in the Air Force and later as a unit supply specialist in the Army."
    • Washington Post, "In South Carolina, Greene is mystery man despite winning Democratic Senate nod", 2010/06/11 (pages 1, 2): "Alvin M. Greene never gave a speech during his campaign to become this state's Democratic nominee for Senate. He didn't start a Web site or hire consultants or plant lawn signs. There's only $114 in his campaign bank account, he says, and the only check he ever wrote from it was to cover his filing fee. Indeed, in a three-hour interview, the unemployed military veteran could not name a single specific thing he'd done to campaign. [...] "I'm the Democratic Party nominee," Greene says in the interview at his father's home on a lonely stretch of rural highway in central South Carolina. "The people have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina." [...] The University of South Carolina confirms that Greene graduated in 2000 with a degree in political science. The Pentagon confirms that he served in the Army, and in the Army and Air Force national guards. [...] Where it gets hazy is Greene's discharge from the Army in August 2009, six months before the end of his three-year commitment, according to the Pentagon. [...] Greene says he "was honorably discharged from the Army, but it was involuntary. Things weren't working out. . . . Same thing happened in the Air Force. It's a long story in both services." He first thought of running for the Senate two years ago, he says, while stationed in Korea as an Army supply specialist. [...] A campaign flier lies on the table. "Satin green," he says proudly. "It's pretty. I like that." Greene won't say who printed it or where it was distributed. He cautions that it's his only copy and should be handled with care. Asked how many fliers were printed, he says "hundreds," then pauses. "Maybe thousands. Hundreds. Maybe a hundred. I don't know exactly." [...] Greene asks: "I have not been indicted? Indicted? What does that mean?" His brother explains that a charge and an indictment are different things. He nods. "I'm on the not-guilty side of things," Greene says. "I have to be. I mean, I mean, I mean. I have no comment, I mean." Greene's attorney, a public defender named Spencer S. Beckman who served as an intern for former senator Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.), declined to be interviewed. [...] Greene and his brother question the timing of the revelation of the charge, and James Greene Jr. predicts that the long-stalled case will be set for trial before the November election."
    • Columbia Free Times, "The Manning-churian Candidate?", 2010/06/15: "For some, it had all the trappings of a major conspiracy ripped off the script of the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate, in which a Korean prisoner of war is brainwashed into becoming an unlikely political force. It doesn’t help that Greene says he first decided to run for the U.S. Senate two years ago while serving in South Korea and has made creating “one Korea” a centerpiece of his agenda in each new made-for-viral-YouTube-video interview he gives. [...] On March 16, the 32-year-old black Army veteran, who lives with his father on the outskirts of the rural Clarendon County town of Manning, walked into the state Democratic Party headquarters in Columbia and tried to give officials there a personal check for the $10,440 filing fee to run for U.S. Senate. Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler told him he needed to start a campaign account; several hours later he returned with a campaign check. [...] Fowler didn’t recall giving a quote that had been attributed to her saying she believed that voters might have chosen Greene’s name because it appeared above Rawl’s on the ballot alphabetically. “I don’t believe that,” she said later. She looked at Parmley and the two shook their heads in tandem. What on earth had happened? [...] Theory one: Greene was a Republican plant set up by a shadowy GOP cabal, and his win was orchestrated by a crack team of Blackwater-type professional election riggers who pulled off the entire thing without a hitch. They paid his filing fee, paid off black preachers to sing his praises to the voters and then leaked his federal arrest to the media the moment he got elected. The theory goes that Susan Gaddy, a liberal Democrat who ran in the Republican primary against DeMint, might have annoyed somebody in Washington enough for them to make a point in the Palmetto State. Also, Rawl was only seven points behind DeMint in a recent InsideAdvantage/StatehouseReport poll. DeMint wouldn’t want the embarrassment of even a close race in his home state where nationally he’s a rising darling of the Tea Party movement and conservative standard bearer for the free-market corporate cause. [...] not many in Manning knew Alvin Greene. Some who did say he was a strange kid growing up, a quiet kid, a loner. [...] The same goes for those who knew Greene when he wore a military uniform. Tony Holt Jr., a 22-year-old Georgia native, served with Greene in the Army’s 602nd Aviation Support Battalion in South Korea from late 2007 through early 2008, around the time, he says, that Greene was involuntarily discharged. [...] Greene couldn’t be trusted with the simplest of tasks in the Army, Holt recalls. [...] “He walked around rubbing sanitizer on his hands all day and hardly spoke to anyone,” wrote a Columbia man who says he served with Greene when he was at McEntire Air Force Base in South Carolina. [...] Alvin’s father, James Greene, retired from the Clemson Extension program where he used to teach. In his time, he was a barber and a nightclub owner who wanted blacks to play a bigger role in politics and entertainment. An outspoken activist for Democratic politics, he was a prominent fixture in town who once brought a private carnival to Manning many years ago when the American Legion stopped doing it. [...] According to a sworn statement with the Richland County Clerk of Court, Greene said he earned $1,160 per month in his application for a public defender on Nov. 12, 2009, though he left blank the lines asking how much he had in his bank or other accounts. Greene did not specify where the $1,160 per month comes from. He was unemployed at the time of his arrest, according to the document. [...] [Greene] refused to say how he campaigned for the job beyond saying it was, “Simple, old-fashioned, simple old-fashioned.” [...] He often interrupts himself or just quits talking mid-sentence. He says “OK” before nearly everything. He’ll say one thing and then say the opposite. When he gets “on message,” it’s as if he’s reading some invisible script for several sentences before blowing it and sounding like he’s reading something written upside-down."
    • TIME, "Questions Persist About Alvin Greene’s Mysterious Military Discharges" by Michael Scherer, 2010/06/21: "I asked Alvin Greene if there was anything that had not yet been written about by the press that he wanted to get out. “Bring the Air Force discharge up,” Greene replied. “Y’all go and get that.” [...] Greene has based his candidacy, in large part, on his military service—a total of 13 years in the South Carolina Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force, Army National Guard and U.S. Army. [...] I had asked Greene about his dismissal from the Air Force. His answer was, somewhat typically, cryptic. “I left the Air Force in September ’05,” he said. “I ran through some problems, dealing with rank. It’s a long story. I guess that will be the next thing they will be focusing on.” I asked him repeatedly to clarify further, and he declined to do so. But less than an hour later, he was encouraging me to pursue the story of his Air Force dismissal. He later declined to help by granting permission to one of his former officers to discuss his service. [...] After serving in the South Carolina Air National Guard during college, Greene served in the active-duty Air Force from July 25, 2002 to September 1, 2005. He served his duty at Shaw Air Force Base, which is located about 25 miles from his family home in Manning, South Carolina. “He was in the intel field,” an Air Force spokeswoman says, adding that when he left his rank was airman first class — to be expected for someone who had been in uniform his length of time. “But it’s a very junior rank.” Greene described his work at Shaw as an “intelligence specialist.” “I’m not going to go into the duties,” Greene told me. “It’s classified work.” [...] After Greene was forced out of the Air Force in 2005, he says he joined the South Carolina Army National Guard for seven months, leading to an active-duty posting in the U.S. Army, this time as a supply specialist. He signed up for three years in February 2007, and was discharged from service in August of 2009, according to an Army official. He was promoted to his final rank of specialist — an E-4 rank, one higher than his final Air Force rank – in February 2009. [...] As in the Air Force, Greene earned a number of standard decorations in the Army, serving both in Korea, from June 2007 to July 2008 and at Ft. Riley in Kansas until his discharge. [...] Why did two branches of the military feel obliged to discharge him against his will? Greene will not say, though he says he expects the information to come out eventually, and he suggests that he will not be unhappy when it does."
    • Charleston Post and Courier, "Alvin Greene reacts to release of military records", 2010/07/22: "Greene, who The Post and Courier reached by phone at his Manning home, said he was passed over for promotions in the military and ultimately discharged involuntarily, but honorably, due to discrimination. “Those folks are ridiculous and yes and they only promote the terrorists and the communists and I haven’t gotten a promotion since I graduated from college and that’s just what I’m saying,” Greene said. “This is why we need to have things done differently. This is why we need to overhaul the military. We need get rid of these folks.” [...] He has frequently mentioned to his 13 years of military service. The military records, which document his superiors’ decisions to pass over Greene for promotion, cite mistakes as severe as improperly uploading sensitive intelligence information to a military server, and as basic as an overall inability to clearly express his thoughts and perform basic tasks. [...] He said his allegation that the military promotes “the terrorists and the communist” is based on the ranked given to Maj. Nidal Hasan, the psychiatrist accused of gunning down 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, on Nov. 9, 2009. [...] After serving in junior ROTC in high school, Greene entered the Air National Guard in 1995, serving there until 2002. In July of that year, he entered the Air Force, serving first as an intelligence librarian responsible for analyzing reports and briefings at Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter. [...] [In 2005] Greene was evaluated again, this time in his new job as an analyst working with the weapons of mass destruction section. But Greene’s job had little to do with intelligence analysis and more to do with shredding documents and escorting contractors around the base, records show. [...] Greene enlisted in the Army in February 2007, and was discharged before his 3-year obligation had expired. He was last stationed with the 1st Infantry Division in Fort Riley, Kansas. The records detail his service in the military: South Carolina Air Force National Guard from July 1995 to June 2002 and South Carolina Army National Guard from July 2006 to February 2007. He served in Korea from June 2007 to July 2008."
    • CBS News, "Alvin Greene's Military Records Cite Mistakes", 2010/07/22