The Johnny Gosch Foundation

" bring awareness to the world..."

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Schedule a Seminar

Noreen Gosch travels throughout the country presenting seminars, conducting interviews and disseminating information about the reality and severity of crimes against children, in this country and internationally.

If you would like to schedule a seminar in your community, please contact us for further information and arrangements by submitting the Seminar Information Request Form below.

Seminar Scheduling Information Request Form

Please complete this form if you would like to be contacted about scheduling a seminar in your area.

About Our Seminars

Noreen Gosch has developed a number of Seminars to help communities, families, and children better protect themselves, through knowledge and information. Click Here for information about scheduling a seminar in your area.

A program designed to give parents information on the "profile of a pedophile", so they are better equipped to protect their children. The programs are designed so that children can be present, as there is information on safety for children of all ages.

A program more suitable for adults. This program gives information on "Organized Pedophilia in America". This program outlines the pornography and prostitution industry.

A program appropriate for workshops for business conferences. Noreen gives information to survive "any traumatic situation". Coping skills which are tried and true... and really work.