The Johnny Gosch Foundation

" bring awareness to the world..."

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About The Johnny Gosch Foundation

This site is dedicated to Johnny Gosch... He was only twelve years old when he was kidnapped more than twenty-three years ago. I want him to know that I have tried with every ounce of strength and energy to find him.

Our goal is to educate others as to the reality and seriousness of kidnapping, pornography and how it could happen to your family! The dangers of Pedophiles and how cunningly they operate in our country.

September 5, 1982 changed many lives forever. It was the day Johnny was taken. Once a quiet community, now it is one that knows the most horrible of crimes to children. That of kidnapping and the vile of sexual abuse. Since that day, we have developed programs to make people aware of the serious nature of pedophillia and that pornography rings are alive and well in this country.

The Johnny Gosch Foundation

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