The Johnny Gosch Foundation

" bring awareness to the world..."

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FAQs About The Johnny Gosch Foundation

1. What does the Johnny Gosch Foundation Do?

It serves an educational organization for families to learn about the "Profile of a Pedophile". It also provides a liason between parents and the Missing Childrens Center in Arlington VA.

2. How long has the Johnny Gosch Foundation existed?

It was formed in November of 1982... It has remained throughout the eighteen years Johnny Gosch has been missing.

3. What else does the organization do?

Throughout the 1980's.... major pieces of legislation were passed into law concerning the rights of abused and kidnapped children both on the state level and federal level. Noreen also presents programs in schools. Children relate in a better way when they meet her in person, there is a great deal of audience participation by the children.

4. How is the organization funded?

It is funded through private donations and revenue received through fund raisers and programs presented by Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother.

5. Who founded the organization?

Johnny's mother, Noreen Gosch.

6. Does the organization help other families?

When parents of another kidnapped or murdered child contact the foundation. Noreen works with them to provide information and assistance necessary to remain active in the search for their child.

7. Does the Johnny Gosch Foundation work with law enforcement?

In most areas of the country, law enforcement welcomes any assistance possible when a child is missing. The Johnny Gosch Foundation offers its assistance to parents through law enforcement agencies.

8. How long will the Johnny Gosch Foundation be in existence?

It will remain active as long as there are funds to continue the programs.

9. Does the organization recommend private investigators?

If parents are interested in retaining a private investigator ... the foundation maintains a list and will share names with the parents.

10. Does the Johnny Gosch Foundation need money?

As long as there are sexually abused, kidnapped and murdered children the foundation will need the funds to operate. Crimes against children haven't taken a vacation in America.